AdviserCyber Serves

Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) or dual registrants with either $500M to $3B Assets Under Management (AUM) or who list 20-500 employees on form ADV Item 5(A) and are concerned with SEC/FINRA compliance and have a desire to truly mitigate risk.

We work directly with executive teams inside these organizations on assessment, education, management, and mitigation related to cybersecurity risk.  We help to ensure organizations are making fully informed decisions about cybersecurity risk.  We also help to implement our proprietary methodology of Risk Informed Decision Making (RIDM) to establish technology strategy and budgeting through the lens of technology and cybersecurity risk.

Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs)

We also work closely with Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) and their staff to track, manage, and meet compliance requirements for RIAs and Broker/Dealers.  We are specifically focused on imminent regulatory releases related to cybersecurity and outsourcing and helping registrants meet the new requirements with minimal effort on their part.

Your Cybersecurity Partner

As your partner in cybersecurity and compliance that is solely focused on RIAs, we are built from the ground up to meet current regulatory requirements.  But we don’t stop there – we also closely follow new regulations in the areas of cybersecurity and outsourcing and guarantee that we will evolve our services to help you meet new regulatory requirements as they are released.

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